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Cool Types of Pool Lighting For Security, Vibe, and Aesthetics

Pools are a fantastic addition to any backyard, and adding the right lighting to your pool area is critical. Pool lighting is essential for security, aesthetics, and for setting the right mood.

What are Some Different Types of Pool Lighting?

There are more pool lighting choices than you may realize. To choose the lights that are right for your pool, take a look at some lighting styles and their pros and cons.

LED Flood Lighting

LED flood lighting is a general type of light that can work well in a pool area. Some benefits of LED is that it is more energy efficient than halogen lighting, and it is easy to install. It also adds an abundance of light so is excellent for safety and security. You can pick up most of what you need at your local hardware store, and hire an electrician to do the installing. Drawbacks of LED flood lighting is that it is not the most aesthetically pleasing choice. It’s easy to ruin the ambiance of your pool area by over illuminating with floodlights.

Flush Mounted Underwater Halogen Pool Lights

Flush mounted underwater pool lights do not stick out any farther than your pool wall and are a traditional choice for many pools. Being flush with the wall of your pool, they are a terrific choice if you have children. They are installed below the surface and illuminate the pool beautifully at night. Pros include being affordable and bright, but they are also more challenging to put in.

Flush Mounted Underwater LED Pool Lights

These are very similar to their halogen cousins, but they are much more energy efficient. They also are flush with the pool wall which is great for safety. LED pool lights are rapidly taking over halogen lights, especially when building new pools. This change is mainly because of their excellent energy efficiency.

Surface Mounted Underwater Halogen Pool Lights

These types of lights have been the standard in pools for many years. They provide plenty of underwater lighting and are more affordable than their LED counterparts. They are relatively easy to install compared with flush mounted lighting. The main drawback to these lights is that they use a lot of electricity.

Surface Mounted Underwater LED Pool Lights

LED is always a good choice if you are looking to save energy. Surface mounted pool lighting is reasonably easy to install, and you can even retrofit existing halogen lights with LED bulbs. Surface mounted pool lighting sticks out from the walls of the pool, which can be a drawback in some cases.

Pool Garden Lighting

This type of lighting isn’t actually in or over the pool. Incorporated into the surrounding landscape. Specialty lighting like this can creatively provide light as well as ambiance. It can also add beauty to your entire yard and gardens. You can make your garden lighting even more dramatic by choosing colored bulbs.

Pool Lighting

Halogen Flood Lights

Floodlights are an excellent choice for security. Halogen lights are more affordable initially but will cost more to operate over time than LED lights. Halogen lights require more maintenance than LED’s because they need to have their bulbs replaced more often. Advantages include easy installation and bright lighting for security and safety. Disadvantages are mostly the lack of energy efficiency.

Feature Pool Lighting

Feature pool lighting functions just like its name. This type of specialty lighting lights up specific features of your pool and garden. These could be a particular tree, pool waterfall, diving board, or another highlight of your yard. You can choose either LED or halogen bulbs and might want to throw in some colored bulbs for added effect. LED feature pool lighting will cost more initially, but you will save money over time on electric bills.

Submersible Pool Lighting

Submersible pool lighting comes in all kinds of colors and is battery powered. Some submersible lights are even remote controlled and can change from one color to the next. Submersible pool lights are a lot of fun for kids and at parties. Affix these lights to walls or the bottom of a pool for an exciting effect.

Floating Pool Lighting

Floating pool lighting is another fantastic idea for parties and get-togethers. Add tons of ambiance by floating battery operated lights on the surface of the pool. Floating lights come in a large variety of styles like water lilies, lanterns, balls, and even shaped like jellyfish. Floating lights are a beautiful sight at night, and give a great vibe to your pool.

These are some of the most popular picks for pool lighting. What you choose will depend on what kind of vibe you want to set, how much you can afford, and the type of security you need. It’s also a great idea to mix and match your pool lighting to make it perfect for your home and family.

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