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Voice Controlled Lighting

“Alexa, is it going to rain later?” “Siri, call my mom.” Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? That’s because we are living in a society where technological advances have finally met the power of voice. Merely using your voice triggers a command that can make our lives a whole lot easier! The most popular virtual assistants today consist of Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft’s Cortana. These virtual digital assistants are found more and more in homes all around the world. The installation of advanced home systems are capable of performing tasks that enhance our lives for the better. Essential functions like controlling thermostats, shades, audio, video, and one of the most critical aspects of the household —lighting! Voice controlled lighting was once a feature we only saw in futuristic movies, but it is now a reality.

Lighting is the ultimate mood-setter. From traditional lights to more modern and sophisticated lights, people illuminate their homes to reflect their unique personalities. It helps highlight certain parts of the house that will impress your guests. Not to mention, external lighting creates an additional layer of security to protect you against home invaders! After all, well-lit homes are less likely to fall victim to break-ins and burglary. So imagine being in control of all the lights in your home, with something as simple as your voice. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

How is Smart Lighting Voice Controlled

People all around the world are experiencing what it’s like when the speed of sound meets the speed of light, right in their homes! Until recently; you could control the smart lighting in homes only with devices like keypads, dimmers, and sensors, as well as apps on smartphones. But the future of lighting is here!

Voice controlled lighting is fairly simple to install. All you need is a strong Wi-Fi connection, a home control system, a compatible virtual assistant device like a speaker or phone (everyone has one of those), and an app to control it all. Some examples of lighting and home control systems include Osram’s Lightify; Leviton’s Decora Smart with Wi-Fi Technology and Decora Smart with HomeKit Technology; Lutron Electronics’ Caseta Wireless, RA 2 Select, RadioRA2, and HomeWorks QS.

What’s next? Here comes the fun part. Simply sit back, relax, and experience the convenience of voice-controlled lighting. Say a command like “Alexa, increase brightness to 75%,” and your voice will pass through the virtual assistants external cloud-based service. Appropriate control signals are communicated from the control provider to your homes controller, where the response happens almost instantly! The result? The room just got a whole lot brighter without you moving a muscle!

The benefits of voice-controlled lighting are endless! You could switch lighting, dim, select tailored scenes, or even change the light color (if you have multiple colors installed.) The best part is it’s all completely customizable. You can create specific demands with your own unique settings to set up the perfect ambiance for your home. For example, you may say “relax,” and the lights slowly dim and change color. Or you may say “backyard,” and the next thing you know, you have a well-lit backyard BBQ for you and your family. So get creative with your commands! After all, everyone has their own preference for lighting.

How Popular is Voice Controlled Lighting Now?

While many homeowners start off with the essential devices they believe fits their personality and lifestyle, like indoor and outdoor lighting, customers seem to be comfortable enough to go on to the next step: a total home-automation hub. After all, who doesn’t want to live in a smart house? People don’t want to pass up the opportunity to have digital assistants like Siri control their homes.

Even back in 2015, market research firm Tractica estimated 390 million people used virtual assistants. The number keeps on going up, as more and more lighting control and home automation manufacturers are now offering voice recognition in their systems. So don’t be surprised to find your neighbors have smart lighting in their homes!

How Popular Will Voice Controlled Lighting in the Future? 

With all the technological advances the world is experiencing, it’s almost inevitable that the demand for voice controlled lighting in homes is multiplying. Smart lighting is projected to grow to 1 billion this year, and 1.8 billion by 2021. Who are the number one customers? That would be young and tech-savvy homeowners, as well as the elderly and people with disabilities that have limited freedom of movement.

Voice controlled lighting is also an entirely new selling feature for contractors! The value of home automation is skyrocketing, as virtual assistants and voice control are continuing to grow. Electrical contractors pay close attention! Contractors who take the time to understand these systems inside and out will have a considerable advantage. They’ll instantly become more competitive and in demand for customers seeking the benefits of automation in their homes, especially with the increasing market.

If you are thinking about illuminating your home with voice-controlled lighting, see what Suncoast can do for you.

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